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Dare I ask to drop my hrs in new job?

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jazzysmum Fri 22-Apr-05 12:49:51

Hi all,

I started with a new company in January this year, after being with a rival firm for 4 years, and then going back to work part - time after my DD was born 2 yrs ago. I started this job on a full time contract and said at my interview I was fine with this. They also re-iterated quite a few times that this was a full time position (as they knew i did 4 days in my previous job). Im now really really missing my DD. She is in nursery 5 days and when I have had a/l to take ive had the odd day each week, so i can spend more time with her, and i see all the other mums out and about enjoying time with their kids. Im going through a possible relationship break up and im just thinking that life is too short. She's going to be off to school before I know it, and Im going to have missed spending time with her. just one day will make all the difference. I even thought about starting half an hr earlier and finishing half an hr later on the other 4 days. Do I ask, and then feel bad if they say no, and think that they will be just waiting for me to find something else ? Its a good paid job & I enjoy it and get along great with the others aswell, and all the p/t one's advertised, I couldnt survive on the wage. Any one else in this predicament ?


BarbaraX Fri 22-Apr-05 13:19:03

Check with HR what the company policy is this shoudl be confidential. or is there an intranet where HR publishes these policies for all to see?

I personally would not ask for correctness. After all they made it clear not a long time ago that they wanted some full time, so I would stick to my agreement for a lot lot longer, at least until you have had the chance to prove yourself in the workplace.

I am no expert in employment law but I think you are entitled by law to work part time, so in theory you can ask. In practice, I have read so many stories about discrimination in the work place because of situations like these. every company is different, but consider that you are taking a risk whatever the law/company policy says, they might make it uncomfortable for you.

where I work, the company policy is very understanding to mums and put in the practice all the guidlines/legal requirement for flexible working. I am the only mum in my department who went back full time. everyone else is back to 4 days or 3 days. they were very supppporitive during supported me during my break and now I am single mum. But i think this is also because i am very valued employee and they had no problem find reasons/opportunities to sack 'problem' people.

I understand what you say about spending more time with your little one, but I cannot afford it financially now that I am a single mum. If only I could stay at home full time with the the same income.....
I have accepted my situation and I think that it is a necessity for some of us to work full time. In the long term, working full time might secure a more financially stable future for the family.

MissChief Fri 22-Apr-05 16:13:22

tricky situation - I'm not sure you're entitled to ask so new in the job - check and go to (I think) flexible working for right to request info. if not, is there some compromise option - working from home a day a week you could ask for instead?
good luck anyway.

MissChief Fri 22-Apr-05 16:13:48

meant to be -

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