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Quitting a job after a month....

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marialuisa Tue 19-Apr-05 09:02:51

For various reasons I'm quitting my new job after a month. It is possible that they will hold me to my 3 month notice period, but I need to start applying for other things ASAP. Should i mention the current job on my CV (given that I've hardly "moved in", as it were) and I can't see them giving a reference that says much morethan "she worked here briefly"?


beansprout Tue 19-Apr-05 09:10:56

Dates of employment are often mentioned in references so if you miss it out and a reference then doesn't tally with your CV, it could be difficult. I have changed jobs quite quickly before now and I always state my reason for leaving as "temporary contract". This is not true but someone is not likely to argue with you! Unless you have a string of quick job changes it is not likely to be a problem. Any potential employer is going to be far more interested in your skills and experience. We are all entitled to at least one nightmare job that we just need to leave pretty quickly!!

Good luck with your job search!

roisin Wed 20-Apr-05 08:59:36

I've just seen this ML! Are you OK?

Hope you find something that suits you better very quickly.

Tbh I think I would leave the current job off the CV for now, saves awkward questions!

HappyDaddy Wed 20-Apr-05 09:24:44

I'd leave the new job on your CV as there will be more awkward questions when they need references.

Marina Wed 20-Apr-05 09:27:13

Crumbs. Really sorry to hear this ML. Agree I would leave it off the CV. You could argue that you simply relocated with DH with no job as such to go to, if challenged about what will hopefully be a small gap in your employment history. Is the situation really that hopeless? I've never moved to a job where I didn't cry myself to sleep for the first week and wonder what I'd done...and it did get masses better every time.

marialuisa Wed 20-Apr-05 09:41:42

Thanks for the kind messages. I was at the throwing things point on Monday, had a very illuminating chat with someone yesterday that half made me want to stay and fight the battle, but have decided that it's just not worth it.

They have reneged on my agreed core hours which takes the commute from grim to horrendous, but TBH that's not my main reason for going. Dad and DH are both banging on about "constructive dismissal" but I can't be bothered! We can manage for a while on DH's salary and our savings (house still not sold, aaah!)and if worst comes to the work I'll just take whatever i can get nearer home. Or DH will have to employ me as a technician....

carolerl Fri 22-Apr-05 22:45:11

you need a year's service before you have recourse to an industrial tribunal so that's probably not an option. (unless in special cases such as sex discrimination etc)

As an HR person, I'd advise honesty - we all make mistakes. You've taken a job and it's not working out. You've had the sense and guts to recognise that early on. The other alternative is end of temp contract but if the reference comes back and says "not suitable" or somesuch then it calls your integrity into question.

Good luck! Take heart from the fact that there is a general over supply of positions and extreme shortage of talent out there right now!

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