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v.chuffed - just found out employers intend to enter the voucher scheme!

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miranda2 Sat 16-Apr-05 10:35:48

Hooray hooray hooray - three cheers for the church of england (and its not often you hear that these days!)! They've just emailed me to say that they are going to join the childcare voucher scheme from next month, and are letting me know and join a month early as I was one of the people that contacted them about it. £816 savings a year here we go! I really didn't think they'd go for it (dh's bluechip employers won't), so very chuffed. So keep pestering, all those of you whose companies still won't do it!

jothorpe Wed 20-Apr-05 16:28:56

Great to hear of a positive result. If only your DH's Bluechip company would join, doubles savings.

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