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Is anyone good at filling application forms in?

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lilibet Tue 12-Apr-05 19:48:26

Dd (16) is applying for a weekend job at Debenhams and its ages since I had to fill an application form in.

Anyone have any brilliant answers to these three questions?

What attracts you to working for Debenhams?
What skills and qualities would you bring to Debenhams?
What does the term 'good customer service' mean to you?

serenity Tue 12-Apr-05 20:03:01

Just a few thoughts..

What attracts you to working for Debenhams?

When you are in the shop as a customer you've been impressed with the level of customer care, and the obvious team spirit and you want to be part of that.
Or she could be honest and say the money is good and the hours work well around her studies.

What skills and qualities would you bring to Debenhams?

Enthusiasm, willing to work hard, good team player (find example, netball team, after school club etc) Knowledge of fashion?

What does the term 'good customer service' mean to you?

Anticipating the customers needs, without being pushy. Willing to go that little bit further to help a customer, whilst being aware of business needs and limitations. Happy and enthusiastic,

TBH I hated reading applications from school kids for weekend jobs, as most of them put no effort in at all. If any of them bothered filling in those bits, or even putting a bit of thought into it they were immediately in for an interview Just remember first impressions count, so nice legible handwriting, good spelling, no coffee cup marks!

HTH, but I'm sure someone more qualified will have xposted with me by now!

motherinferior Tue 12-Apr-05 20:06:08

1. I am attracted to working for Debenhams because it is a dynamic, busy company which offers me the opportunity to develop my customer skills in a top business and retail environment.

2. I would bring the skills of punctuality; attention to detail; and patience. I work well with other people, and I like/am experienced in dealing with the public.

3. 'Good customer service' means listening to the customer, and ensuring that as far as possible his/her needs are met cheerfully, promptly and accurately. If for some reason a customer is unsatisfied, good customer service also means listening to their reasons for an exchange and a refund and, if reasonable, arranging this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Er....something like that?

motherinferior Tue 12-Apr-05 20:06:50

Oooh, Serenity, you know what you're talking about, I just waffled.

Punnet Tue 12-Apr-05 20:07:32

I was attracted by the prospect of working for a company I personally associate with quality and service. I believe a position with the company would be a notable and advatageous start to my long term career, and the experience I will gain with such a quality company will stand me in good stead throughout my working life.

I would bring the essential skills required for this job, which I believe to be honesty, reliability, top level interpersonal skills and enthusiasm, and combine with my the complimentary traits of my personality, which include energy, motivation and the ability to learn quickly.

Good customer service is about fulfilling all the requirements of the customer in a way that makes them feel as if they have been given the benefit of your time and experience without feeling as if they are being 'sold' to. This involves honesty, reliability, resourcefulness and the ability to think up inventive and credible solutions to any problems that may occur. At it's best, good customer service makes a customer feel that the selection and service were as enjoyable as the ownership of a final and suitable purchase. It will be remembered, and it will be related to friends.

LIZS Tue 12-Apr-05 20:12:06

lol I used to work for them !

How about the dynamic environment and exciting developments in style of product and brands (Designers etc) and look of store.

Politeness, friendly interest in customers and their needs, attention to detail, efficiency.

Being helpful and enthusiastic, trying to see things from customers pov, and anticipate and fulfil their requirements, encouraging loyalty and future business.

crunchie Tue 12-Apr-05 20:22:33

Bear in mind this is a 16 yr olds application form, so although I love all your ideas, I would be careful to keep it simple. The important stuff is what is NOT written, as Serenity said, legible, good spelling and neat are almost more important.

I would be honest but say something like

1)It is a nice shop, with lots of interesting products. Also I like the idea of getting experience and training from a big company.

2) I like people and talking to them, I am polite, helpful and entusiastic.

3) Good service means someone who is helpful and enthusiastic and tries to find out what the customer wants and find it for them

I am trying to imagine a 16 writing this as I think it is too obvious someone has helped otherwise IYKWIM (no offence )

lilibet Tue 12-Apr-05 22:35:29

really good ideas - thanks all. Crunchie is right about it needing to be her own words (well sort of !

It's an on line form so thankfully legibility, spelling and neatness are not things I need to worry about.

One other question is what salary would you expect???!!??

LIZS Wed 13-Apr-05 08:51:35

Salary is quite a difficult one -I've been out of the business for 7 years now - what about the minimum wage perhaps plus a little bit, bearing in mind she'd also probably get perks such as staff discount.

Take Crunchie's point about how it must be written from 16 yr old viewpoint but she could also quote the prestige of working for "Britain's leading Department store" , or whatever the strap line is these days.

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