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Redundancy - age old dilemma - go for voluntary or wait until pushed?

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M1SSUNDERSTOOD Tue 17-Feb-09 18:06:38

My DH as been told he can either go for vol or wait until compulsory redundancy. Voluntary is effective immediately, has a generous package whereas the latter would be less generous but OTHH may never happen. He has been restructured as said it's constructive dismissal as cannot forsee a role for him. What are the full implications financially of taking vol in terms of capped earnings, notice period etc? Also can you still claim JSA if you take voluntary. Thanks

LIZS Tue 17-Feb-09 18:17:26

dh's company is doing this (fortunately not him)- offering vr now or some can apply for remaining jobs or be made redundant if unsuccessful. One thing worth checking if you may be relying on any mortgage-related insurance , is whether they pay out for vr , apparently not all policies would.

nkf Tue 17-Feb-09 18:22:44

I suppose one argument in favour of waiting for the push is that it gives you time to look for something else and to save as much as possible.

M1SSUNDERSTOOD Tue 17-Feb-09 18:35:41

Thanks. Lizs didn't think of checking policy. The other implication is if he takes vol he will be guaranteed money, if he waits there might be no money left to pay him/he is in car industry which is in terminal decline.

LoveBeingAMummy Wed 18-Feb-09 15:47:38

I can't offer advice on what you should do however can tell you I have handed my letter in today to opt for VR. There are 4 of us in our pool for 1 job, the top candidate was going to apply for another job and tbh I would ahve got the role if he was successful. I choose due to personal circumstances, the payout I get will keep me going for a year without having to change the way we live. Plus there are family issues which mean it would be better for me to be off work.

My point? All you can do is think it through carefully, how long will the money last, what are the chances of him getting another job? Similar or whatever he can. PLus what are the chances of him being selected for CR?

Good luck its a hard choice

M1SSUNDERSTOOD Tue 11-Mar-14 21:28:44

Just resurrecting this thread as we are in the exact same position 5 years on. Only this time it's unfair dismissal as someone else brought in to do Dh's job ipso facto. Work are saying his role redundant but they have offered a "suitable Alternative role" which is a joke . DH gone to lawyer who says he has a case but tbh all he would like now is a compromise agreement which suits and go gracefully

Anyone got any advice on how to do this ?

flowery Wed 12-Mar-14 08:03:36

Has he appealed the redundancy?

M1SSUNDERSTOOD Wed 12-Mar-14 14:11:30

Hi flowery he has 30 days to appeal but they are pressing for an answer. They are still wiring the jd for the new post but don't know what it involves! There is a clause for a trial period and subject to performance he would be made redundant anyway after a month if they don't feel it's working out. If that happens he would only get 1 months redundancy pro rata.

He has gone to see the employment lawyer who is going to give a half hours advice free. Problem is how to pay for it afterwards if he decides to proceed.

flowery Wed 12-Mar-14 20:00:55

Not sure what that means about the one month's redundancy pro rata. His redundancy entitlement wouldn't change because his redundancy was one month later after a trial period at a new job.

If he is certain it's not a genuine redundancy situation and/or the new job isn't a suitable alternative, there's no reason he can't give his answer straightaway and put his concerns in writing.

M1SSUNDERSTOOD Wed 12-Mar-14 21:00:07

Thanks I think his lawyer suggested writing a letter to clarify situation once be decides what he wants ie redundancy or the alternative role and to go from there. It's a difficult decision as security versus starting over. However I think once you have been selected in this way your cards are marked anyway.

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