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Going for interview- at what stage should I request a part-time contract?

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2cats2many Tue 10-Feb-09 09:56:42

Hi Everyone

I'm going for an interview in a couple of days for a job in the public sector.

The job was advertised as full-time, but requests for part-time work or job share would be considered.

I would like to ideally work 3 days a week, but would also do 4. I'm not interested in working full-time.

At what stage in the process should I raise this? Should I mention it in the interview or wait to see if I get a job offer first?


newgirl Tue 10-Feb-09 09:57:57

i guess they will ask you during the interview and you should be clear - no need to waffle on with your reasons - be positive about it as they may like someone part time in credit crunch times

if they dont bring it up then id wait until offered - id be amazed if they didnt though

paddingtonbore Tue 10-Feb-09 10:14:25

I have done this twice, and on each occasion was offered the job at pert-time hours. I chose to bring this up after the panel had finished their set questions, and offered me the chance to ask questions of my own.

That way, you've hopefully already wowed the panel before they find out you don't want full-time hours, but equally you've been upfront and honest, so that they can bear this in mind in their decision-making.

paddingtonbore Tue 10-Feb-09 10:15:06


part-time, even,

<there's certainly nothing pert around here....>

flowerybeanbag Tue 10-Feb-09 10:19:11

As they have specifically said part time or job share will be considered as well as full time they will want to know which you are after. I would expect them to ask you at interview, but they almost certainly wouldn't offer a job without knowing, as they have opened themselves up to people applying wanting all sorts of different working arrangements.

susia Wed 18-Feb-09 23:05:56

as an employee of a LA and a manager responsible for employing people I can tell you that you do not need to let them know your intentions before they offer you the job and I'd strongly advise that you don't.

Virtually all jobs in local authorities are full time but they have to consider requests for part-time work under their work life balance procedure.

However, if you mention your intention to work part time before or during interview you would be jeopardising your chance of getting the job, for this reason the interviewers cannot see the part of the application form where you state;
your name,
your sexuality,
your religon,
your desire to work part time.

I have been to two job interviews and got both jobs in the public sector where I requested after the interview to be part time and they accepted it. I have also interviewed and offered the job to 2 women who did the same.

I am in a similar dilemna over the private sector though at the moment as I know it is different. I have a job interview for a full time job and want to work part time, I wonder whether to ask this before going to interview/during or after or if I get offered the job? I know it is different to the public sector.

cat64 Wed 18-Feb-09 23:29:23

Message withdrawn

susia Thu 19-Feb-09 10:48:20

yes the LA do have to 'consider' part time working requests but don't have to agree to them which is why I wouldn't jeopardise your chances by mentioning this before being offered the job

flowerybeanbag Thu 19-Feb-09 14:34:20

That's interesting, and disappointing, that LA have to say part time applications are welcome even if they are actually not. Bit misleading really. I would hope adverts saying that part time would be considered, or saying anything in fact, would be genuine, rather than box-ticking.

Susia in the private sector if it is advertised as a full time job I would definitely wait until you've at least attended one interview so that they are impressed by you and interested in you. Do you want to squish a full time job into slightly shorter hours, compressed for example, or 4 days, or are you hoping for a job share or similar arrangement. If you impress them and can then convince them that you can do the job in 4 days, that's one thing. If it's a full time job and you then say you only want to do 3 days, they then have to worry about the other 2, so that might be less attractive to them obviously.

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