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how much can i charge as a group facilitator?

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bumptobabies Sat 09-Apr-05 10:39:19

i volunteer for a goverment organisation that works with children under 4, they are paying for me to do some training which will enable me to facilitate a group working with mums experiancing post natal the people who normally facilitate these groups do so as part of their job description ie health visitors, social workers etc as i am a vol i will do the first course for free but if it is repeated or if it goes to another borough i will want to be a/ why would they use me as an independant facilitator and b/ how much would i charge? it is one day a week over fourteen weeks. any advice would be great.

miranda2 Mon 11-Apr-05 09:55:42

AS a complete guess out of the air I would say £100 a day.

honeyflower Mon 11-Apr-05 11:04:07

Find out what kind of salary per day the people who do this as part of their normal paid work would get. Figure out how much time you actually need to get paid for - i.e. how much preparation/follow-up time will you have to put in? Calculate how much you should get paid, using that info, and then add on something for overheads (there may be a standard rate, I don't know about this field). I suspect that that will come to a lot more than £100 per day! But if this something you think you would like to do to make money in the medium-long term, it's important not to start off by underpaying yourself.

So then you will have to think about if this organisation can actually pay oyu at the going rate, why they should pay you as an independent facilitator rather than use an HV etc. Without knowing more about your skills or the setting, it's hard to say much about that part of your question.

Good for you for taking this on - hope it works out really well

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