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Should i have let work know about a family situation on Monday morning or when I went into work on the Tuesday.

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lumpsdumps Wed 28-Jan-09 16:57:31

I have a had a very hard family situation to deal with over the weekend and I returned to work yesterday after a 2 week break, I spoke to the deputy manager yesterday and did a 4 hour shift and when I returned home I ended up feeling completely drained and knew I was unable to do my shift today. I rang my manager today to try and explain the situation to her who in turn went mad at me as I should have apparently let her know on Monday morning. She kept going on at me how she was short staffed and that a doctor was not going to be able to do anything to help me and I should get into work. I came off the phone feeling like crap and on top of the family situation, not really what I needed. My doctor has signed me off for a week. Is she right that I should have told her on Monday, when I was unable to even talk to anybody else or was I right to leave it until yesterday when I returned to work. Am feeling rather raw and bruised at the moment and I really didn't need this from my boss.

TotalChaos Wed 28-Jan-09 17:02:37

I don't think she was right, as you only realised after doing your shift yesterday that you weren't feeling up to being back at work yet. On Monday you intended to (and did) go into work the next day.

BlameItOnTheBogey Wed 28-Jan-09 17:04:00

She was wrong and also incredibly insensitive. Please don't let this add to the stress you are already feeling. Hope things are better soon.

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