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think i am going to resign tomorrow

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tiredallthetime Tue 05-Apr-05 00:40:45

reasons for, workload, politics, missing my child more than i can bear, parents are unwell, had a row with colleague today for the nth time so tired of it all
am i making a terrible mistake anyone done this and regretted it?
we can afford it just, want to be with my little boy while he is still little and not drop of a tearful toddler and pick up an exhausted baby and take home and put to bed ... will i regret it?

milward Tue 05-Apr-05 00:43:58

Could you get youself some time off just to take the time to think on your decision? - could reduce preassure to decide straight away.

tiredallthetime Tue 05-Apr-05 00:47:16

could go sick and probably am, no one could cover my work but suppose no one is idispensible adn they would have to manage but it would cause a major problem in the office
i am missing my baby so much he is almost one and a half

Chandra Tue 05-Apr-05 01:42:33

Have you considered to ask for reduced hours (part-time)? it may seem difficult but woth the try. You can even ask for a trial tiem when both of you can see if the new arrangement works for you. If it works, fine. If it doesn't... well no problem, after all you were going to leave that job anyway...

LoneVoiceinWilderness Tue 05-Apr-05 12:15:50

chandra'r advice is v good
I resigned from my last job and was euphoric for at least a year...but, three years on, I must say I have the odd day when I would like to go back to the days when my salary just dropped into my account every month, job security,etc ( I am now self-employed, which is great re. no horrible boss, less office stress etc but does leave one out on one's own...)
I would advise looking onto all other options thoroughly first, or applying for other jobs while keeping the one you're in now.

tiredallthetime Mon 11-Apr-05 09:06:04

thanks all, a very low moment last monday evening, colleague had had a go, going to try to reduce my hours and have decided to start trying for another baby and will take my mat leave as early as i can

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