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Boss will be getting rid of me quite soon.

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tryingherbest Fri 16-Jan-09 13:35:42

A quick question. I've been in my job current job for about 1.5 months now. It's part time and although it's not exactly a job share there was someone who sat in my job 1 day a week doing finance. My role wasn't advertised as job share but my role was to compensate for the one day per week finance person.

That finance person was freelance and has all but left coming in the odd hour here and there to do payroll ect. I was never told she'd formally left (this was about 4 months ago) and was furious as I@ve been left to do more and more of her work and I@m not a bookeeper. I've brought this to bosses attention and am finally told he needs a full time person. I can't as the hours are not remotely family friendly (can do part time but not realistically 45 hours per week full time).

I think he's thinking that he'll tell me when to resign.
I'm thinking I'll be entitled to redundancy. Am I right?

tryingherbest Fri 16-Jan-09 13:38:20

No - I haven't been there for 1.5 months - it's almost 1.5 years - SORRY!

tryingherbest Fri 16-Jan-09 13:39:33

Also I should mention that I'm not a book keeper or payroll trained so I guess he could say that I don't have the skills - although my job was advertised as admin and not finance.

flowerybeanbag Fri 16-Jan-09 13:47:49

He can't just tell you to resign. If your job is genuinely redundant he has to go through a redundancy process.

Can't he just recruit someone to replace the person who's left? You don't say how many days you do a week but if you do 3 can't he bring someone else in to do the other 1, or similar?

If it is a genuine redundancy situation you won't be entitled to redundancy pay as you haven't been there for 2 years.

Explore this section of the directgov website to find out all about redundancy, your rights to consultation and fair selection, and the process your boss must go through.

flowerybeanbag Fri 16-Jan-09 13:48:17

The other 2

tryingherbest Fri 16-Jan-09 13:58:44

Ohhhh I thought it was one year and then redundancy.

Oh dear. Honestly I'm not too bothered - but He's the kind of person who doesn't really understand any kind of workers rights. Just as well, if I was entitled to redudnancy and pointed it out he'd probably just manage me out.

I guess, then he needs to recruit and give me contractual notice I suppose.

No, he won't ge a finance person one day per week. And he could argue I don't have the skills (accounting) to do the full job.

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