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Does anyone know?

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kentgirl73 Wed 07-Jan-09 21:19:40

I need to take my son to nursery next week, its his first day and falls on a work day. I have asked for an hour off unpaid (will be no more than 50 mins) work have refused, saying leave can only be taken in emergencies or holidays and because of the economic climate, we all need to be in the office and focused - can they do this?

scrooged Wed 07-Jan-09 21:22:44

Can't you offer to have a shorter lunch break instead of having the time off unpaid?

Surly they can manage without you for one hour! hmm I think they can do this because you are contracted to do those hours, it's not good for staff moral though. Maybe they need to think about their staff!!!

kentgirl73 Wed 07-Jan-09 21:37:33

I work 6 hours 3 days a week, so dont have breaks!

scrooged Wed 07-Jan-09 21:42:17

Hmm. Could you have another chat to them and offer to stay an hour late (if you can)? I thought the first rule of business was to look after your staff.

kentgirl73 Wed 07-Jan-09 21:45:31

I will offer to come in the next day and make up hour!!! but I thought they couldnt refuse because of some kind of parental unpaid leave for under 5's - not sure how that works

Think parental leave is designed for emergencies though, can you offer to work same hours but starting an hour alter?

flowerybeanbag Wed 07-Jan-09 21:58:48

You get emergency unpaid leave as a parent, but your child's first day at nursery isn't an emergency I'm afraid. Does seem a bit mean of them though. Try offering making up the hour elsewhere as you've suggested and see how that goes.

Also depending on who you have raised this with, can you go above them?

kentgirl73 Thu 08-Jan-09 18:25:24

no, small company, am no-one higher!

will offer to work extra hours or put in half a days hols!

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