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Ever taken a sabbatical from your job?

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Yorkiegirl Sun 27-Mar-05 17:24:50

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sun 27-Mar-05 18:27:39

Message withdrawn

Pinotmum Sun 27-Mar-05 18:29:59

I haven't done this but my sister and her family are off to Indonesia in August and her dh is taking a sabatical for 1 year to do this. They will rent out their house here.

moondog Sun 27-Mar-05 18:38:10

Yes, when we went to live in Russia for a year. Am on sort of sabbatical now that we live in Turkey. Will go back eventually..not sure when. Luckily I am in a high demand occupation!!

Yorkiegirl Sun 27-Mar-05 18:44:21

Message withdrawn

moondog Sun 27-Mar-05 18:45:25

Hope you don't mind if I don't say.....for various boring reasons.
It is s/thing clinical in NHS though.

Caribbeanqueen Sun 27-Mar-05 18:45:58

I took a year's sabbatical from mine to go and live abroad, then extended for a year, then came back and resigned!

Yorkiegirl Sun 27-Mar-05 18:54:52

Message withdrawn

moondog Sun 27-Mar-05 21:37:49

Didn't ask.....
(Flippancy aside, I knew they would have me back as there was quite honestly noone else to do my job, but...flipping through my Health Trust notes on flexible working,I note that anyone who has worked for over 12 mths is eligible for consideration at least. Can't say fairer than that...

Do you work for a public body?

moondog Sun 27-Mar-05 21:39:07

Hang on.reading your stuff, I take it you're a teacher.
Thinke you're very wise to give it a test run. Do you speak Portuguese btw?

Yorkiegirl Mon 28-Mar-05 11:49:12

Message withdrawn

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