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any ideas for working from home?

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juicychops Wed 23-Mar-05 21:27:44

Im still on maternity leave but my paid maternity leave is running out soon and need to start doing something to make some money. I want to something from home cos i cant face leaving my son at a nursery but i cant think of any ideas of what to do. anyone have any ideas?

ssd Sun 27-Mar-05 10:25:32


ghosty Sun 27-Mar-05 11:03:35

juicychops, Jimjams and I work from home, it may or may not be for you but here is the ad that Jimjams placed on MN a few months ago about it ....

Blossomhill Sun 27-Mar-05 11:05:24


jambo1707 Sun 27-Mar-05 11:08:03


I would alos like the info if poss


Jimjams Sun 27-Mar-05 23:27:30

done jambo!

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