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Expected Salary???

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SoupDragon Thu 17-Mar-05 16:34:58

An old school friend is here filling in a job application. 4 hours per day, week days only, shop floor assistant in a nice clothes shop. The form asks for "expected salary" and neither of us have a clue!

How much per hour do you think is about right?

I told her Mumsnet would be able to help - don't let me down!

Cristina7 Thu 17-Mar-05 16:38:35

Complete guess, about £10 per hour? Not a lot left after tax etc, but sounds like a good job (P/T, no weekends).

Bellie Thu 17-Mar-05 16:38:36

Can't remember what Tony B put the minimum wage is per hour now but I would work it out from there and if your friend has experience add some on!

soapbox Thu 17-Mar-05 16:40:11

£6 per hour I would say at a guess. Think thts about what M&S pay and they are considered generous in retail!

Nemo1977 Thu 17-Mar-05 16:40:28

hi think minimum wage for over 25 is 4.50 ish an hour so dependent on experience etc

Nemo1977 Thu 17-Mar-05 16:41:06

soryr meantto say tescos n asda pay around 5.50 an hr

littlemissbossy Thu 17-Mar-05 16:54:58

£7- £9 per hour IMO - depends how nice the owner is rather than how nice the shop is!!! and what other responsibilities would be expected, such as being a key holder for the property HTH

SoupDragon Thu 17-Mar-05 16:57:07

It's a major chain of nice clothes shops

littlemissbossy Thu 17-Mar-05 16:58:32

Do you mean nice as in Monsoon, or really nice as in Hugo Boss standard

SoupDragon Thu 17-Mar-05 16:59:37

Just "nice"

littlemissbossy Thu 17-Mar-05 17:02:36

well I'd go with £9 but then it has to be said I've never worked in a shop before

JoolsToo Thu 17-Mar-05 17:05:18

I hate that - when they ask YOU what you want - (oh look they're happy with 'x' we've saved ourselves a tidy sum I'd leave it blank and if your friend gets an interview ask what THEY are prepared to pay.

richbitch Fri 18-Mar-05 11:58:27

Monsoon pay around £5.30 + per hour, depending on your experience.

Not much is it !!

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