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I have been reprimanded for inadvertent exposure of G string

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hobbgoblin Fri 14-Nov-08 18:10:44

I work in a school - but in the office bit not the classroom.

I wear G strings, not that it is anyone else's business. Unfortunately while I was at work my top must have ridden up at some point while I was at my desk, and my G string became visible a couple of weeks ago, apparently.

I have now been told of for exposing sexual wear in a school.

What do you think?

hobbgoblin Fri 14-Nov-08 18:11:29


Sparkletastic Fri 14-Nov-08 18:12:07

sexual wear?!!!!!

Who told you off? Seems OTT if this was just one occasion and accidental.

moondog Fri 14-Nov-08 18:13:31

'sexy' wear?

hobbgoblin Fri 14-Nov-08 18:17:49

Was line manager. I feel a little discriminated against and picked on tbh and i did argue that I doubted such a fuss would have been made if it were the baggy grey under attire of another.

I was then advised that my choice of underwear was sexual whereas grey big pants are not. hmm

My response to this was that the item itself is not sexual although some people's over sexualised brains might cause them to confuse this issue. My line manager then recited the lyrics of a popular song "thong, th thong thong thong" to prove the point.

To this I raised an eyebrow insolently and proceeded to be further bollocked for petulance.

hecate Fri 14-Nov-08 18:18:30

I think that unless you are intentionally flashing at the kids, your underwear is none of their business and they shouldn't be looking so closely.

although - where were you wearing this g-string?-- if your TOP rides up, surely it's the top half of you that is exposed. Aren't your pants normally under your skirt/trousers. <hecate worried she has missed latest fashion trend>

SammyK Fri 14-Nov-08 18:20:01


I wear thongs or Gstring too, and it is not for their sexiness hmm it is because I don't like VPL!

I would complain above line manager - who was it that spotted your undies and was so affronted they decided to complain? How weird of them!

hobbgoblin Fri 14-Nov-08 18:22:08

Well I am guessing how it came to be that my top half departed the bottom half of clothing but I don't wear hipsters or crop tops so it was all entirely chuffing accidental which is why I am annoyed.

Someone actually reported this incident to the Head.

Then there's the issue of my McDonalds coffee cop that was seen by another member of staff.

Me n schools are such a bad marriage, clearly.

mrsmaidamess Fri 14-Nov-08 18:23:01

I suppose that means my nipple tassels are totally OTT then.

hobbgoblin Fri 14-Nov-08 18:23:05

cup, fgs.

Am hoping for mb's input on this too grin she probably get is hmm???

hobbgoblin Fri 14-Nov-08 18:23:49

gets it. Obviously I should be sacked for the inability to type anyhow!

Heated Fri 14-Nov-08 18:25:02

Obviously you are not in front of the class but as you know schools are conservative in terms of dress code, probably because they spend so much time enforcing it(!) and staff have to lead by example.

I've 'advised' or told off a NQT for wearing low cut crop tops. The students were disrespectful to her and her attire led to some of those comments. Dress code is universally smart for both all staff and students. Something would have been said to you at my school if the g string was on display a lot - but "visible a couple of weeks ago, apparently" is presumably a one off & being reprimanded weeks later sounds excessive.

AramintaAlice Fri 14-Nov-08 18:25:31

That's really weird. I'd try and take this to the manager above the line manager.

Really sounds to me as if he/she is a bit of a bully. The petulance reprimand really does seem to back this up.

I feel certain you could argue that the thong is knickers, whether grey and massive or small and pretty. The sexual thing is crap, as Sammy says most people wear thongs because of vpl.

Don't let the line manager get away with this!

Heated Fri 14-Nov-08 18:27:06

Have read the rest of your posts - your school is seriously weird.

Blu Fri 14-Nov-08 18:31:59

It sounds completely ridculous - but since you say you wear them from VPL reasons and not the 'whale tail' thong-flashing fashion, when it was brought up, could you not just have said 'oops, sorry - must have accidentally been on show - I certainly don't intend it to be seen'? Instead of arguing back?

Reallytired Fri 14-Nov-08 18:38:00

The school I work at is fairly relaxed about dress code. If someone wore a G-string that accidently showed then I think they would get teased like mad.

I doult it would be a disciplinary matter. Somehow knowing our SMT I doult they would be bothered if you decided to wear no underwear provided that you weren't exposing yourself.

However it would take years for the member of staff to live it down.

twinsetandpearls Fri 14-Nov-08 18:40:14

I think that if you work in a school the certain standards have to be uphelp.

clam Fri 14-Nov-08 18:41:14

OTT, in my opinion - if it was a one-off.
HOWEVER, we had a young teacher in our school (now thankfully departed from the school for reasons too complex to detail here) who was forever wearing clothes that had either shrunk, or were too small for her in the first place. She regularly exposed acres of midriff and was pulling her tops down or trousers up, in a vain attempt to cover it. The thing that made the rest of us examine our consciences about it was, however, that she was more than a bit overweight. Did we wince because of that, or because of the principle?
You decide.

twinsetandpearls Fri 14-Nov-08 18:41:30

pmsl at "My line manager then recited the lyrics of a popular song "thong, th thong thong thong" to prove the point."

This has to be made up.

clam Fri 14-Nov-08 18:42:08

Oh, and I speak as someone who is more than a bit overweight herself. But who wears tops that do what it says on the tin.

Blu Fri 14-Nov-08 19:02:04

Twinset, no, sadly, such song does exist!

twinsetandpearls Fri 14-Nov-08 19:03:02

I know the song exists, I have heard enough years 9s singing it I meant the line manager quoting it.

Tortington Fri 14-Nov-08 19:05:11

i would seek advice from the union, this is totally ridic

clam Fri 14-Nov-08 19:13:13

But custardo, whilst I agree with you that it is ridiculous, wouldn't the school cover themselves (unlike the OP!) by quoting their dress code? Whether or not a G-string is regarded as "sexual" is an interesting one, but technically, they could wriggle out of it on the professional appearance number.

Blu Fri 14-Nov-08 19:13:18

oh, sorry, Twinset!

Is this a formal warning you have had, Hobb?

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