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Any HR gurus? know what happens when a one week sick note runs out?

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bosch Mon 03-Nov-08 13:55:12

I've got my first ever sick note! Quite excited really, says I should refrain from work for one week. Thinking of taking a photocopy and flashing in front of dh (only joking!).

However, when I phoned my admin officer to say I won't be in this week, she advised that I'll need another doctors note to confirm that I may return to work, even after the week is up.

On the form, there is an either/or option for the doctor to sign. Either 'you should refrain from work for <insert period of time'. Or 'you should refrain from work until <insert date>'. Admin advise that because the doctor filled in the first bit and not the second, I won't be allowed to work without another cert to the effect that I am well again.

Seems a bit OTT to me - I'll have to go back to Dr at end of this week for a note.

Any ideas? Is this right?

georgimama Mon 03-Nov-08 14:00:26

Never heard of that myself, when a sick note runs out you go back to work. Saying you should refrain from work for one week pretty much implies that after that you can work. Obviously if you still don't feel well enough, you go back to GP. HR lady sounds like a jobsworth.

Simplysally Mon 03-Nov-08 14:02:59

If it's in the company procedures then it probably is right. It might depend on the illness (you don't have to tell us!). Where I work if you have D & V, you're supposed to get a fit for work note to say that you're clear. Many don't bother - they just dose up on immodium hmm.

flowerybeanbag Mon 03-Nov-08 14:09:47

Whether or not it's over the top depends on lots of things, and isn't necessarily relevant either.

As an extreme example, if your job involves driving, and you've been signed off for a week for dizzy spells/fainting, you can understand that your employer would want medical confirmation that you are fit rather than taking your word for it that you feel better.

It may not be that extreme or that obvious, but there are lots of examples where confirmation that the person is actually fit is important. It may be as simple as an insurance requirement.

Is it that much of a problem? Have you asked the admin person/someone from HR why this is necessary?

bosch Mon 03-Nov-08 14:12:01

ha ha to both messages! I think my colleague might be interpreting the words on the sick note a bit too far georgimam!

Simplysally - I had 'a sore throat' and cold symptoms and was off sick (self certified) last week and on Sat night Dr said it had become tonsillitus and gave me some antibiotics, so this is my second week off sick, don't know if that makes a difference??

bosch Mon 03-Nov-08 14:15:11

Sorry, slow typing there - flowerybeanbag, I work in an office so only problem likely to be that I skid off the keyboard while coughing!

Not so much of a problem to me to go back to dr, just felt slightly like I'd be wasting their time - I've never been to the Drs before to tell them that I feel well!

flowerybeanbag Mon 03-Nov-08 14:19:58

Why don't you give HR a ring, someone a bit more senior if this admin person is in HR anyway, and check? Just say you have no problem going back to get another note, but you're concerned about wasting the doctor's time and wanted to double check it was strictly necessary in your particular circumstances.

The admin person is probably working off a set procedure or set of guidelines and may not (quite rightly) have the discretion to make decisions based on individual circumstances, but if you speak to someone a bit higher up, without criticising their colleague, they may be in a position to say, actually in your case it won't be necessary. An adjustment to the procedure may even follow!

bosch Mon 03-Nov-08 14:30:04

Good idea flowery, I might do that later in the week when I'm definitely feeling better (feel slightly sheepish taking TWO WEEKS off work in one go!)

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