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Can anyone help me with Mr Flamesparrow's cv?

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LostProphet Mon 27-Oct-08 18:36:56

The original thread is here but they suggested I post here too

priceyp Mon 27-Oct-08 18:40:59

Posted on your other thread but maybe this will get the ball rolling here....

I think that
"He loves computers, is a fast learner, decided he didn't like windows a while back so taught himself linux and installed ubuntu to use etc. good organisation skills (you should see him organise a raid in World of Warcraft ). None of these are workplace or proper written skills".

is very tweakable, nothing irrelevant in there at all.
Self taught
interested in....
does in his spare time...
moving away from design platforms etc
all phrases you could chuck in?

Include how he taught himself (ie through books, night classes etc), why and what he's used it for since and you're away.

flowerybeanbag Mon 27-Oct-08 19:08:01

I'm going to cut and paste my usual cv advice first -

'Put personal information at the top (name, address, contact number only, not 'married 3 kids age 37 favourite colour blue').

You could put a personal profile-type statement after that, just a couple of lines summing up what experience/skills you have to offer and the type of position/company you are looking for. Obviously make sure these tie in with the job you are applying for.

For each job, put dates, job title and employer, in reverse date order. For most recent/relevant jobs put a list of bullet points of main responsibilites and/or achievements. Do this with the job description for the job you want in front of you so you can emphasise relevant stuff.

Then qualifications/training. List in most recent order, include relevant training courses and higher education if you have it. Don't put Home Ec O Level. Everything on your cv should help you get the job you are looking for, and school exams usually won't unless you are a school leaver or very early in your career.

Don't put photos or anything else annoying and irrelevant, don't put it in a folder or on pink paper, don't staple it. It needs to be easy to read and easy to copy. Put page numbers and your name in the footer of each page in case of mishaps with photocopying. '


In addition to that, in MrFlamesparrow's case, I would suggest a 'skills' type section to come straight after the personal profile and before employment history. In that section make sure he lists all the relevant skills needed for the job he's applying for. Where the job he's applying for is so different from his previous work history and where a lot of the skills aren't gained in a work environment, I think that would be best.

Having said that, I am prepared to bet that, however unrelated his previous experience, there will be some transferable skills of some kind in there that he can emphasise.

LostProphet Mon 27-Oct-08 19:53:03

Thank you! we're going to attack it in a min

UnquietDad Tue 28-Oct-08 14:27:51

I saw a sample 2-page CV (his own) from a guy at a service for getting people back int employment recently. He said it had "never let him down".

had contact details first, followed by personal statement of 2-3 lines, then bullet-pointed "Key Skills and Experience". The latter was a list of about 15-20 points, detailing the key skills without reference to any particular job.

had employment details - minimal, just dates and one-line description - in reverse chronological order. This was followed by Education, also in reverse chronological order. Finally "Other skills" (driving licence, languages etc.), and Interests.

RuthT Tue 28-Oct-08 20:20:56

After the contact details etc I would put key acheivements. The aim being to catch the attention and get the reader to want to read on. These can be tailored for each application.

I don't normally go for responsibilities of the role but scope and I would always be more interested in the achievements in each role rather than the content or accountabilities as that is a job description.

LostProphet Wed 29-Oct-08 14:07:35

Thank you everyone - CV sent.

Now to wait and hope like hell. He is so miserable in his current job

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