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Accountants / tax advisers - come talk to me about ATT

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giddykipper Sat 25-Oct-08 12:08:58

I'm an ACA already, recently moved into a small accountancy firm where the focus is much more on owner-managed businesses (I trained with Big 6 as it was then, God I'm old). Clearly therefore everything is much more tax driven and frankly my tax knowledge is shoddy. I'm increasingly thinking that I should do something like ATT to get my tax up to speed.
Has anyone done it? Am I being unrealistic to think I can do it through home study with a nearly full time job and a toddler? I know the basics from ACA and work, it's the nuances etc I need to know.

BoodleBoo Tue 28-Oct-08 23:16:17

Hi there. I am ACA and CTA and work in tax in a big 4 firm. I did my studying pre children so cant compare the whole time issue and dealing with a toddler point but from an understanding the detail point of view I am sure that if you have ACA then ATT will be comparatively easy as it is a lower level of knowledge and I understand that the nuances they test are not as onerous as those tested for ACA.

Hope this helps

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