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Flowerybeanbag - are you around or anyone else???

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LoveBeingAMummy Thu 23-Oct-08 21:31:53

A quick question, DH parental leave of 2 weeks had two bank holidays now should he have been given his bank holiday back?


flowerybeanbag Fri 24-Oct-08 09:35:56

During parental leave your DH does continue to accrue holiday at the basic statutory rate but not anything over and above that his employer gives him.

So if he is only entitled to 4.8 weeks a year including bank holidays, yes he should be able to take them in lieu.

If the bank holidays are additional to the basic statutory entitlement, contractual only, then no they don't have to let him take them.

LoveBeingAMummy Sat 25-Oct-08 11:01:19

Thanks flowery will double check!

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