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Top 10 firms of employment lawyers - who are they?

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Anotherbook Wed 22-Oct-08 23:37:48

Dh is undergoing disciplinary procedure with likely dismissal but has strong grounds for unfair treatment.Lots of documented evidence.May go to a compromise agreement or tribunal ultimately.

Sorry can't give more details but don't want to post anything that could be damaging.

Would really appreciate knowing the employment lawyer specialist we should use.
We have names of local ones we could use but want a well recognised 'name' that will make his firms own lawyers take notice.Who is regarded in the profession as a top firm in this field? Am assuming these are London based.

Am aware these are likely to be expensive.

As an aside we do have legal cover under our house insurance and I wondered if this just covers a lawyer who the insurance company recommends or we can select our own firm.

flowerybeanbag Thu 23-Oct-08 09:00:02

Here are lists of ranking of best employment firms. Done by region if you prefer or 'Best of UK', by applicant/respondent.

RibenaBerry Thu 23-Oct-08 09:25:32

Most insurance policies will require you to use 'their' lawyers, although some will let you have a free choice. If they do let you choose, they generally don't cover City rates.

Do bear in mind that not all City firms will represent indivdiuals and that many who do will have an earning requirement (the fact that compensation is based on loss of earnings means that it is not economically viable to represent people below a certain level of earnings). Not sure what your DH earns, but that might be relevant.

Also bear in mind, if you are not London based, that he is likely to need to travel for at least one face to face meeting with the lawyer to kick off.

Out of interest, why do think that a 'name' would make people take notice? I am in the business and I have to say it doesn't sway me. What affects my response is a good, reasoned argument, and not a hysterical two page letter saying that the individual is seeking three years' pay but will settle for two. (Sorry, just read that back and it sounds harsh, but it's amazing how often it happens and you do get a bit jaded).

lingle Thu 23-Oct-08 15:45:36

Hmm, first thing to do is check not only which firm your insurer would make you use but what conditions would apply - eg do you need a written opinion that you have a strong case? What if the opinion changes? Lawyers give a discount to their insurer clients so the insured are not necessarily the highest priority clients, I'm afraid to say...

Where are you? If you can get to Cambridge, speak to any one of my former colleagues Nick Sayer, Tim Tyndall or Hillary Aldred. If you say lingle sent you then Nick will figure out who I am. For some honest common sense, speak to Judy Roy at Mills&Reeve also in Cambridge. All these people will give you very high quality advice for much less than you'll pay in London. Hillary I think does her own tribunal work, but I can't remember.

Seriously though, you need to think strategically here. If his job is high-paying and the compensation could be high, then it could be a clever move to use a lawyer outside your insurance scheme. But otherwise it would not be. Ask, don't tell, the lawyer what the most he can hope for is.

lingle Thu 23-Oct-08 15:46:40

sorry, should add that Nick, Tim and Hillary are at Charles Russell.

CountessDracula Thu 23-Oct-08 16:03:45

Spoke to DH who spoke to their top employment bod (he works for city firm)

Apparently a lot of the big players won't touch employee work as they know which side their bread is buttered and are in bed with the employers.

Your best bets for biggish names in the area are Russell Jones & Walker or Lewis Silkin allegedly.

She personally recommended Martin Bunch at Bates Wells & Braithwaite as being fabulous

cece Thu 23-Oct-08 16:06:55

My Dh had similar issues and used one who got him a good deal. I am sure he could pass on her phone number/email. She is based in London and not cheap but paid for herself 5 times over with the extra money she screwed negotiated from the company he used to work for.

Piccalilli2 Thu 23-Oct-08 16:08:29

Lewis Silkin are excellent, and have lawyers in Oxford as well as London.

Lilymaid Thu 23-Oct-08 16:13:23

Look in Chambers UK one of the major directories for "grading" law firms. The link goes to the Top 10 for applicants/unions, but there are also regional listings.

CountessDracula Thu 23-Oct-08 16:31:21

If you want to email me
countessdrac at gmail dot com

Can put you in touch with the bod at dh's - they are v big name and would do but for obv reasons don't want to put the name of the firm on here...

Anotherbook Thu 23-Oct-08 19:22:23

Didn't expect so many replies today so thankyou everyone.Have been at work today so sorry I haven't replied sooner.

Thanks Flowerybeanbag/Lilymaid have looked at those sites.

RibenaBerry, the idea a 'name' might be better came from a thread I had looked at before. Someone said she had a dispute with her employer at the same time as another individual at the same company(in exactly the same situation) but her case was resolved much quicker as in her opinion her employers seemed to take the case more seriously when they saw the 'top flight' firm of lawyers she was using.
Dh's company uses a regional/local firm - listed as a band 3 regional employment firm on the Chambers list Flowerybeanbag linked to.(Dh says he doesn't rate the main employment lawyer there but I suppose we'll see..) Is it a bad idea to use another firm in the same city - does everyone know everyone else at the regional city level and could this influence things?

Lingle and Picalli2 will definately look into those companies.Have seen Lewis Silkin mentioned before in another thread and your company Lingle sounds good.Will get Dh to look into this and say Lingle sent him!It is great to have some personal recommendations as this whole process is quite stressful and feels like a quick learning curve in all the regulations.

Cece and CountessDracula have emailed you.Thankyou.

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