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What's the going rate for supply teachers?

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missblythe Wed 22-Oct-08 15:33:31

My mum has been offered a term's work as a class teacher in Reception at a Prep School in North London.

She's talking to them about money tomorrow, and now sure what to expect, as she hasn't worked for about 5 years.

Anyone know what they would have to pay to an agency/what the going rate is for supply staff in this area?


UmMwahahahaaaaa Wed 22-Oct-08 15:44:11

A teacher's daily supply rate should be the annual salary divide by 195 (because teachers are paid for 195 days in the year). So maybe divide by 3 for an idea.
The annual salaries are here for Inner London (broadly M1 for one year of experience, M6 for 6 years of experience).

But a) private schools can pay what they like
and b) agencies can pay/charge what they like.

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