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I have a job interview (PANIC)

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exasperatedmummy Fri 17-Oct-08 21:02:49

Ive posted this in education too

So i am pretty much panicing really.

It is for a part time science lecturer at the local college. Ive done nothing since i finished my Phd, oh apart from the small thing of looking after DD .

They want me to put together a presentation, to last ten minutes. I have to choose a subject and present it as if it were a class. I have to present a lesson plan too.

Can anyone give me any pointers?
Are there any websites that have lessons on there? I will have to aim this at about GCSE-A level biology and i am RUSTY!
What would be a good thing to cover in ten minutes

MartianBishop are you there?

I am a namechager BTW - im lucyellensmum, getting off my arse and trying to get a job.

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