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when did you tell your employer you were pregnant?

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33k Wed 15-Oct-08 22:02:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NorthernLurker Wed 15-Oct-08 22:12:12

Maternity pay is definately based on your current salary and you also accrue annual leave based on your current hours whilst you are on m/l. I told my employers at about 10 weeks because I had a midwifes appointment and it just seemed easier to tell them. Also I had been as sick as a dog and wanted to tell them that as well! grin It's up to you to decide when you feel comfortable telling them unless there are actual risks to the pregnancy involved in your job - such as working with some chemicals or with radiation. I think its sensible to wait till 12 weeksish to be honest.

inthemaking Wed 15-Oct-08 22:16:06

I told my employer the day after i had been for my scan

Grappa Wed 15-Oct-08 22:48:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flowerybeanbag Thu 16-Oct-08 09:02:37

Maternity pay is based on your existing salary, SMP is worked out based on an average of earnings over an 8 week period from weeks 17 - 25 of your pregnancy. Any occupational maternity pay you might get you should check the terms and conditions of the scheme but will also be based on current salary. I would advise not telling your employer what hours you want when you get back before you go on maternity leave.

They have to assume you will be going back after a year and on your previous hours unless and until either notified otherwise when it comes to the date of return, or receiving a request to amend hours.

A large proportion of women change their mind about either the return date or the hours they want, so it's fairly pointless telling an employer what you want so early - they won't be able to plan using that information anyway as you might change your mind. At best you could say as you are going off, that you will probably want to come back on some kind of reduced hours, if you must say something, but I certainly wouldn't be specific about it.

LullyMummaOfOne Thu 16-Oct-08 13:34:37

At my company you dont have to tell your empolyer until the 15 week before your due date but im my case i wouldnt wait to tell them with DS so did it just after my 12 week scan.

staryeyed Thu 16-Oct-08 13:38:35

I had to tell my work place very early because I suffered weeks of terrible morning sickness and I didn't know how long it would last. So about 6 weeks.

Bramshott Thu 16-Oct-08 13:45:18

The 'danger' in telling them too soon is that if everything doesn't work out, then not only will you have a lot of people to 'untell', but your employer may have already made plans contingent on you being off on ML, and may also assume "oh well 33k will be pregnant again soon I won't put her on that project / recommend her for that promotion".

PuppyMonkey Thu 16-Oct-08 13:49:25

I had the same trouble as stareyed last time. Terrible morning sickness and they were wondering why I was phoning in sick so often, so I told them. Must have been about eight weeks.

LilRedWG Thu 16-Oct-08 13:51:11

Pay goes on existing salary.

I cried at my boss and told him as soon as I knew. Fortunately he was understanding as he'd been through (not literally) my previous miscarriages with me.

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