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Expecting bad news re my job and want to go in well prepared

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sameagain Mon 13-Oct-08 20:13:02

I have worked for the same bank since I left school (20 years) although last 7 have been only 2 days per week.

I have a good job, middle management level and have always been grateful that I was able to keep my grade/salary/interesting job when I went part-time.

Things are not looking good atm, on top of the general crisis, it has been rumoured for some time that the particular role I do is about to be abolished. Today I have heard that the man who does the same role on a f-t basis has been moved sideways to another job and is unlikely to be replaced. Initially I saw this as an opportunity to increase my hours now DS's are older, but now think it's more likely that they will offer me either something I don't want (in terms of hours or job), or a move to a location that makes travelling & childcare difficult.

Anyone got any suggestions of what I can do to protect myself. Financially, there are people who would be much worse off than me if their job went, but this job has saved my sanity over the last 7 years. I NEED it, or something like it.

RuthT Mon 13-Oct-08 20:59:58

The first thing is that you don't know at the moment so whenever they do talk to you you must remain in a listening mode and open.

Don't forget it is unlikely that you will have just one final meeting 2mrw or whenever they talk to you so you just need to listen and be prepared to be clear that the last thing you want is to leave the company.

If things do change then it may be worth thinking about what you can accept as change over what you cannot. So is the 2 days absolute, the location or the role. As you say it is unlikely that you would be able to have all three in a new role.

Sounds like increase in hours is good as you have seen that as an opportunity.

I'd also say see it as a transition, even if it is not something you want, you are unlikely to be in it forever and the markets will pick up

sameagain Mon 13-Oct-08 21:12:54

Thanks Ruth - I know I am well respected at work and the local management wouldn't want to see me go, but when it comes to satisfying the numbers....

ATM, I am really bored as a SAHM 3 days PW, while DC's are at school, but I really want to be here for them at 3pm and in the hols, so whilst in theory increased hours would be good, it really needs to be term time only and, say 10-2, rather then full days (although I do 2 full days now), which I appreciate is probably unrealistic.

I will listen and remain positive (which is my natural outlook anyway) but am aware I don't seem to have much to bargain with and I always perform much better in these sort of meetings if I feel well prepared.

RuthT Tue 14-Oct-08 12:40:49

I agree with you but I have also learned that if you over prepare you can end up just as deflated.

If it is stressing you out you could try to sound out your line manager for some hints and tips.

Have to say that 2 days a week 10-2 is probably unlikely. 2 days is actually not that usual in my org becuase it is so hard to scope a job to that.

You could do more days though? Could you start earlier and just do the pick ups? Or drop the kids earlier and arrive at 9am or 9.30am?

You are also probably feeling more vulnerable becuase it always feels like it is easier to lose part time rather than full time staff (not true esp if the p/t on is a good performer).

If the flex doesn't work in a big org you could always consider contracting. This is a good option in crunch times and if your bosses think your good then they will have you in mind for something like that

sameagain Tue 14-Oct-08 21:48:14

That's what I meant Ruth, more days, but shorter hours. I work 2 full days ATM. I'd actually be happy to keep my 2 full days and work something on another 2/3, but not full days and not in school hols, which I realise is difficult logistically, but not impossible smile

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