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anybody know how much working on the beauty counters in dept stores pays these days?

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overthemill Wed 01-Oct-08 11:38:31

my niece is a beauty therapist in a local salon and takes home £790 a month.

She wondered about going to london to work in somewhere like selfridges on a beauty counter (like clarins, etee lauder, aveda) might pay more? anybody have any idea?

nickytwotimes Wed 01-Oct-08 11:41:18

They pay quite poorly, afaik. Shop pay plus commission.
Sorry can't be more specific!

Jojay Wed 01-Oct-08 11:43:35

Counter Managers might get more - ours (outside London) can get up to about £16k - £20k pa or more for a big account in a large dept store. Sales Assistants are on about £6 - £7 per hour, a bit more for ezxperienced people. This doesn't include a London weighting.

I think the smaller companies (Benefit springs to mind) often pay better than the bigger ones like Clinique, and pay rates will vary from counter to counter, even within the same shop, IYSWIM.

overthemill Wed 01-Oct-08 16:46:09

this is helpful - just trying to get her some info as she doesn't have internet access.
she gets paid badly for hours and hours of work - 9am -9pm 4 days and 2 other days she does 9 - 6

she deserves more!! any ideas from anybody about where she could work would be great

ditheringdora Wed 01-Oct-08 16:54:29

Oh god, that rate of pay seems very low, and for six days a week, roughly 60 hours a week!
lucky her having an aunt like you to help, is that even minimum wage? (am in Ireland so have no clue about British rates)

overthemill Wed 01-Oct-08 19:33:33

yes i think its not legal but trouble is she's been there since training and the lady is 'very nice' to her (hmph!) and has just had a baby. i think she's exploited imo. last month she should have had her 10p tax refund £60 but her boss said she could only afford £50!! and she got £100 in total (acsh) and had to wait 1 more week after payday to get paid the balance.

anyone know where to go to get jobs like this - when i did it years ago there were only 1 or 2 agencies?

Jojay Thu 02-Oct-08 12:54:06

She should apply direct to the department store. Most will have a Cosmetics sales Manager who will be aware of all vacancies they currently have across all houses.

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