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So the new SMP laws....Flowery are you around?

(8 Posts)
BBeingpatient Thu 18-Sep-08 18:10:43

Hi all

just a uicky, ive heard whispers that the new mat law, of a years paid leave, will be applicable from april 09, does anypne (flowery?ribena?) know whether this is true??

BBeingpatient Thu 18-Sep-08 18:42:24


LadyMuck Thu 18-Sep-08 18:45:28

Is this what you are referring to? If so looks as if it isn't yet agreed and not coming in before April 2010.

NorthernLurker Thu 18-Sep-08 18:45:29

I believe that was originally the plan - certainly that was being touted in 2006 when the increase to 9 mths was on the way - but since then I've heard it's been put off till 2010 and/or after the next election. I really hope I'm out of date and it's back on the agenda! Not that I have any personal interest in this anymore though!

flowerybeanbag Thu 18-Sep-08 19:24:55

LadyMuck's link is the one, it was initially going to be April this year, then next year, now not beore 2010, don't hold your breath!

BBeingpatient Thu 18-Sep-08 19:26:24

thanks guys and damn this fickle government!!!

RibenaBerry Thu 18-Sep-08 19:40:50

Yup, LadyMuck and Flowery are right.

If you're due after October you do get a bit of a boost though. Your benefits have to continue for the full 12 months - so if you get a car allowance or anything that might be a bit extra in your pocket?

callmemitey Thu 18-Sep-08 21:27:09

2010 unfortunately sad

As Ribena said though they have exended the Ordinary Mat leave entitlements to the whole 12m. I suppose that also means full Holiday instead of Stat minimum and Pension contributions etc.

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