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Maternity Allowance

(2 Posts)
CelticWitch Thu 18-Sep-08 15:10:49

Hi Peeps! Been having murder with employers re my maternity allowance. I was misinformed by some silly cow in my employers human resources dept that I would qualify for SMP. It came as quite of a shock to find out that at 36 weeks pg, payroll had informed me that they (HUMAN RESOURCES) had made a mistake and that I could only qualify for MA. Needless to say that I was and still am very annoyed esp as all I got was as plain sorry and tellingme at such a late stage in my pregnancy.
Anyways I am just enquiring, as I have now received all the relevant data from my employers as to where I am to send my MA1 form to apply for Maternity Allowance to? I had lost the envelope within the MA claimpack and just wondered if anyone knew whether I am to send the form to the Dept of Works and Pensions?

mrspnut Thu 18-Sep-08 15:14:29

It does go to the DWP, if you can take it into your local jobcentre plus they will have an envelope for you to send it to the right office, and will be able to send it in the internal post.

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