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Should I mention I'm a parent in an application form?

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MrsJamin Wed 17-Sep-08 13:56:22

The role I'm applying for is majorly centred around talking to parents - so will it help if I mention I'm a parent too or will that go against me that I have a child?

flowerybeanbag Wed 17-Sep-08 14:47:28

It should never go against you that you have a child, but on the other hand I wouldn't normally advise mentioning it in an application form because it simply isn't relevant.

Having said that, it does sound as though in your case it probably is very relevant, and very helpful experience, so it might be a good idea to mention it, yes.

elkiedee Thu 18-Sep-08 00:13:17

Is it in some sort of public service/voluntary sector environment? As well as being relevant in this case, some public/voluntary sector employers may be interested in experience you've had, eg if you have an idea of what it's like being a service user, or if you've done anything which would have involved talking to other parents (helping out with a baby or toddler group and/or welcoming new people).

I would go with mentioning it but make it relevant to any information like job description/person specification/what ad says they're looking for, even if it's something as simple as "I think my own experience as a mum would help me try and understand the needs of parents coming in to use the service..." (I'm sure you can word it better).

MrsJamin Thu 18-Sep-08 08:44:51

Thanks - I've taken a punt and put it in as I think it would help do the role. It's talking to parents about their children who have been diagnosed with something - so empathy from another parent is just what they need, rather than someone who can't imagine being in that situation.

conniedescending Thu 18-Sep-08 09:01:28

i wouldnt usually but if its relevant to the role its worth a mention

but be careful about the phrasing....make it an additional point rather than the most relevant one because they will want someone who works professionally and impartially rather than personally

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