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Been stood up for a meeting again!

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ditheringdora Fri 12-Sep-08 16:10:59

Had a meeting arranged for an hour ago. Meeting had been arranged for Tuesday, then changed to Thursday, then today -all by the other person's request.
I/my organisation have been treated quite badly by this agency/person which was the reason for the meeting, I think. Anyway, waited half an hour for the guy. Rang him after 30 mins and he said "Ah Dora, give me another 10 minutes". I told him I couldn't wait as I had another appointment and that I would talk to him again. I'm so effin mad. Would it be crazy to email him a rant? What do you think?

ditheringdora Fri 12-Sep-08 16:44:32

would it unprofessional to email him and say
Dear X

I was disappointed at your failure to attend our meeting today. As you are aware, this was a meeting sought by you and was rescheduled at your request.

I would have appreciated your telephoning me to advise me that you could not attend.

Yours sincerely


too much? AIBU?

hotbot Fri 12-Sep-08 17:08:31

tbh, i wouldn,t let my feelings show but would stonewall next request or make him meet at your convenience at a meeting place that is best for you. think it was a bit churlish to not wait 10 mins. tbh the rescheduling was still in your control you did still rearrange at your convenience,,,
but maybe i have a longer fuse?

solo Fri 12-Sep-08 17:14:25

Hardly churlish to not want to wait a further 10 minutes hotbot, she'd already waited 30 minutes post appointment. What if after a further 10 minutes he still wasn't there? Time is money!!!

ditheringdora Fri 12-Sep-08 17:21:07

I'm so angry! I had to phone him to see where he was; he hadn't even left to meet me.
I would like to do something so I'm still not ranting about this come Sunday!

History :He had a go at me and my organisation in a meeting some months ago and I asked him to clarify in writing how he thought we could improve. He said that he couldn't fault my work but etc etc and went off on a tangent and raised things that weren't at all relevant to my work. I replied pointing this out and saying how disappointed I was at the unprofessional way this was being raised. He didn't reply for ages "to let me get over my hurt"! and then months later asks me to meet. Ye know the rest, what a jerk!

I'd love to criticise him but that is very U, isn't it? Or point out his unprofessionalism

hotbot Fri 12-Sep-08 20:09:40

at least you have in writing that he couldnt fault your work....
i am sure if he is like this to you . most others who have met him would think the same.
i think you are correct not to critise him as we all know , things happen inn organisations and quite often the least talented get promoted...
just put it down to experience and at least it got you out of the office, some things arent worth stressing about - he has a very small penis !wink

ditheringdora Fri 12-Sep-08 20:45:04

hotbot, I agree about everything! wink

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