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OMFG <hyperventilates&gt; I have an interview, for a job I didn't dream of getting an interview for!

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MascaraOHara Wed 10-Sep-08 15:40:27

shit shit shit..

Will never get the job but then I never thought I'd get an interview <breathe>

ARGH!!! am pooing myself. need to start swating as have a hole in my knowledge.

Need to buy a new interview suit.. what else.. need to read my CV and prepare questions to ask.

Need to breathe.


annh Wed 10-Sep-08 15:59:17

Congrats! When is the interview? How long do you have to prepare?

zippitippitoes Wed 10-Sep-08 15:59:56

how exciting what for

MascaraOHara Wed 10-Sep-08 16:14:47

i have a few weeks to preparae.

don't want to say too much incase anybody from there is on here iykwim lol <paranoia>

It's a big important role though that starts with "head of" lol in the city with a big fat salary <sob>/<giggle>/<vomit>

seriously I don't think I can do the role but I am so chuffed/amazed/petrified that I am even getting an interview.


Feel like a child lol

I'm thinking trouser suit but not power dressing.. maybe a nice grey wool, wide leg suit with a (non shirt style) top underneath

bratnav Wed 10-Sep-08 16:32:26

Yes, tell Mascara what to wear, cos I need to know too grin

dilemma456 Wed 10-Sep-08 17:43:08

Message withdrawn

jalopy Thu 11-Sep-08 07:48:00

How exciting, Mascara. Good luck. Let us know how you got on.

MascaraOHara Thu 11-Sep-08 09:16:35

Thanks.. had a long think about this last night and I'm relly chuffed, even if I don't get the job it will be my first real experience of being interviewed for a senior management position, perticularly as in the city.

Was looking for an outfit on line last night, I know exactly what I want but can I find it anywhere?? NO.

I've been told to give a date I want to go, rather than email back I thought I'd phone as I'm sure there will need to be some diary checking to be done and don't want it to end up in loads of emails flying back and forth.. I think calling would be better.

stickybun Thu 11-Sep-08 14:19:32

Good luck Mascara - research has shown that many men will be happy to take on a job if they think they can do 75% of it whereas a lot of women (generalising emoticon) tend to only go for things they are 100% sure they can do it. Dilemma is so right - why would they interview you if they didn't think you were a good candidate? You go girl!

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