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How to approach work about going part-time?

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Libra1975 Wed 10-Sep-08 11:59:30

I started a new job Nov 2007, 5 days later I discover I was pregnant. After my probation period is up (3 months) I tell them I am pregnant. Don't qualify for SMP but do get MA. Intend to take 6 months off. That is still my intention but I now want to go back part-time 3 days a week and am 2 months into my maternity leave. Now because I am looking for a nursery place I need to know a) if I can work part-time and if so which days. I know I only have to give them 8 weeks notice to go back but of course to get my LO into a nursery I need to know the part-time answer much sooner.
What is the best way to approach my company? Are there any employment laws which will help me?


flowerybeanbag Wed 10-Sep-08 12:05:09

Libra you have the right to request flexible working, which would include part time 3 days a week. Have a read here all about it and what to do.

In terms of best way to approach company, make sure you follow the correct process, and make sure in your application you provide solutions to any problems they might have. If you want to work 3 days instead of 5, make sure you have plenty of information about how you think this will work - how the rest of your job will get done, any different ways of working that will be necessary, that kind of thing.

Workingfamiles website has lots of good information as well, there's an online guide to getting your case together and helpful factsheets.

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