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My work sucks, and this week is going to be hard...

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PavlovtheCat Sun 31-Aug-08 17:08:57

My job is a bit crap right now, but have been dealing with it.

They are re-organising, for the sake of it, moving people around unecessarily, and it has caused headaches and stress for many people. Personally I do not care, does not really affect me, but affects many of my colleagues and morale is running low.

I run programmes for offenders, in a dedicated team. From time to time there are not enough tutors, and in this case we use tutors from another team, who are not programme specific.

The most recent group I have run, well it is the first group of this nature, so I am a novice. I was placed with another novice tutor, which in real terms is not good practice, and does not lend well to the integrity of the programme well. So, we have been doing it in 'rotation' with another experienced colleague - ie, me and exp colleague one week, ht other novice and exp colleague following week etc.

Now this other person was directed to do this group with me, she is ok at it, but not really into it. She has sruggled with workload releif from her mamager, but that is partly her not being piushy (hoping she could get out of this group I feel).

The last two weeks, and this week, the last week of the group, we have both been running them together as the experienced tutor has been on leave. I have felt confident with this as I beleive I have grasped the programme content well. The other tutor is not.

To add to this. There are two managers to the team. One programme specific, who monitors the integrity of the programme by video monitoring/mentoring etc etc, the other is the line manager, overall responsible for everything else. There has been no programme manager for this prog, well there is one but she is non-existant and our line manager is never around.

So, both us new tutors have been running this programme, without adequate support, and it has been hard. Luckily the group have been cooperative for the most part.

For the last two weeks, the weeks that we have been running together, the other tutor has not been available for prep work, she has prefered to do her prep along hmm, complained of being overworked, having no time. She has asked me to do the post work, I have done additional sessions for those who have missed them, writeups for most as she has been too busy.

I just feel I have done much more work on this prog, with limited support.

This week, its the last week. Our prog manager wants to meet with us tomorrow for the second time in the course of the programme (12 weeks), meant to be every week/every two weeks for novice tutors. She has done no video monitoring and had a go week before last as we did not video the group (our first session on our own, we forgot). The reason she was upset was that has not monitored as she should and was trying to save time

Anyway. This other tutor has just emailed me to say she is not in for the meeting tomorrow, or the pre after, and can we meet before the session tuesday to go through it? We are supposed to allow 2-4 hours to prepare and she is allowing 30 mins, which means I will do all the preparation, again.

She is not coming as she is on training, arranged last minute. So she cant find time to ensure integrity of a group and do her share of the work, but she can find the time to do training (non essential, there will be other opps).

It will be rushed, it is our first group, they have worked hard and I feel that she should give them a little bit of priority.

Sorry for the length, I am sounding off I guess really. I feel really dumped on, and dont feel supported, and dont feel like there is anyone I can really talk to about it at work, as no-one is there, those that are have their own agendas, just want to get on with their shit.

unknownrebelbang Sun 31-Aug-08 17:21:38

No advice, but you have my sympathy pavlov.

You're "lucky" that your group has been fairly compliant, but that doesn't change any of your legitimate gripes.

It is not good practise to have two novices running a group together (although it does happen) especially not without proper support.

You need to raise this with your line manager. Oh yes, that's a pig I've just seen flying past my window....

PavlovtheCat Sun 31-Aug-08 17:29:35

My line manager is too busy/unwell/on leave/does not care.

I saw that piggie too...!

unknownrebelbang Thu 04-Sep-08 22:18:16

How was the group Pag?

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