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Supply staff in school & Pregnancy - Advice

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ladybell Sat 30-Aug-08 11:30:56

Hi this is my first post so hello all.
I'm currently classed as 'supply' at a school where i work as a TA. even though i have been there since Feb 08 and know my working hours for the next 2 full terms. I found out I was pregnant before the summer hols but due to having had so many previous early MC didn't bother to say anything as i thought 'it' would be all over by the time the new school year began....But i'm still pregnant and 14 weeks! I have had a good look on the internet re my rights but can't find anything as i don't have a contract, just a verbal agreement! I am dreading telling the head has anyone been in this situation?? do i automatically have rights because i have been continuously employed with the same council(i'm not paid for holidays)? can they tell me that my services are no longer needed when i have told them i'm pregnant? - please if anyone has any information or advice i would love to hear it.

Thank You

Moomin Sat 30-Aug-08 11:42:50

If you are employed by the council then you will have some rights and you will have some sort of supply contract (even if you haven't seen it!) as there will be a standard one for supply teachers. On Monday you need to ring the council and explian your situation and they will put you through to the appropriate person. They will probably send you a booklet about teachign staff and their mat rights/pay. In there, there will be info about supply staff (including for those who haven't worked for the council for more than a year).

Don't panic- you won't have been the first or last supply teacher to be pregnant! But also don't say anything to the head before you've found out where you stand. You're actually not legally obliged to tell your employer for a while yet, although if you are on good terms with them you could tell them soon to allow them to find cover for you when you're off.

and Congrats by the way grin Great news!

ladybell Sat 30-Aug-08 11:48:36

Thank You I didn't even think about phoning the council.

Moomin Sat 30-Aug-08 11:58:58

Or if you're back next week you could see the person in your school that deals with finances and wages; they might have copies of the booklet already. But depends how well you can trust them to keep it in confidence!

ladybell Sat 30-Aug-08 12:13:26

Its a small primary school so prob best to go with your first suggestion - My unison membership card just arrived, so thats a bit of back up.

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