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Maternity Leave and Annual Leave

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loolabelle80 Thu 28-Aug-08 14:36:06


I work for the NHS and have a query i hope someone can help me with!
I had booked 2 weeks annual leave prior to me starting maternity leave, but due to falling ill, pregnancy related, I was signed off by my GP for those two weeks. Mat leave kicked in at 36 weeks (The date it was due to) and im still off at the moment.
Will i get these 2 weeks holidays back? Our holiday year is from march-april, therefore last years entitlement. Usually you are allowed to carry up to one week over but is this still the case in sickness/mat leave? There was no physical way i could have taken the leave before the end of the year due to being on mat leave.
Also, im going back to work in October so will have 6 months annual leave accrued, is that correct? I worked 30 hrs per week then but will be returing 1st October on 16 hrs

Many thanks


pollykettlechips Thu 28-Aug-08 20:31:25

Hi, i work for the NHS too and i think you can carry one week over. I made sure that i had taken all my leave before the birth though. The rules changed and i think in any situation, the one week is at the manager's discretion, but doubtful you would ever be refused - you were ill, pregnant - they'd be too worried about discrimination.

BUT, FWIW, someone i know in NHS was seriously ill for a year and lost all but a week of his leave. I also know someone (higher up, what a surprise) who kept their leave after 8 months off. I guess if you face fits.

Probably doesn't help you, sorry! You are entitled to one week carried forward, and your manager may grant you the other week as well. you can always check with HR before you speak to your manager so that you know the facts.

Hope your ok, and best wishes for the birth.


loolabelle80 Thu 28-Aug-08 22:34:12


Thanks for you reply. Its what i thought really!

Doesnt seem fair to lose a week as I was ill though, but hey ho!

Healthy baby girl was born in Jan so i guess thats all that matters

Thanks again


twinklytoes Fri 29-Aug-08 08:21:55

in nhs too. I;ve been signed off sick since 26wks and have not used any of my annual leave this year because of it - was planning to leave at 32wks instead. my boss is being very nice and going to pay all my leave in april. I'm very lucky.

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