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H/R people - Model CV - help please!

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ilovemydog Wed 20-Aug-08 13:35:03

I need to update my CV urgently, but I've lost it in old lap top.

Does anyone have a model CV please? smile

priceyp Wed 20-Aug-08 19:10:12

Ilovemydog, I can give you some tips about what I like to see in a cv.

1. Name, address, contact details at the top
2. Quals, most recent first, don't worry about grades for older ones such as GCSEs, A'Levels etc if you have degree, NVQs or some proffessional quals
3. Employment - most recent first like this:
Job title
Responsibilities (keep these to bullet points and not too much info just enough to keep them interested).

4. other interests, only if something eye catching like hang gliding iykwim, don't bother with "reading, walking the dog, skiing" unless it's "reading obscure Polish literature...etc"

Then include refs or explain how you would like them to obtain them, i.e. through you etc. Try to keep the CV down to a couple of pages if possible, if that means omitting some details, perhaps from less relevant roles then so be it. Make sure that any gaps are explained.

Does that help? Good luck!

ilovemydog Wed 20-Aug-08 22:54:33

Thanks! Education? How far back?

And volunteer work - where does it go? smile

priceyp Thu 21-Aug-08 18:26:25

Sorry for delay, been out and about all day. Depends how much eduation you have and what is relevant. Include it all if you want, but if you have masters degree and first deg don't bother with A'level or GCSE grades iyswim. Unless you feel you should.

Volunteer stuff after jobs, or include in teh gaps of employment so that it is chronological. E.g. you've been on a career break following mat leave, but worked in a charity shop/worked at stables etc include that info in the right order where you would normally have a job detailed.

The main aims of the CV are for you to wow the recruiter. Make it clear and concise, not repetative and try to show "capacity"! That means making sure that future employers can see you are capable of holding down a job and doing many other things at the same time. Does that make sense? I am off on holiday tomorrow, but will check in if you need any more help. I'm sure someone else will jump in soon! smile

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