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Being Made Redundant - Whats happens about Tax Credits

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Gizmo100 Tue 12-Aug-08 11:49:45

Being made redundant in next 6 weeks and I receive working tax and child tax credits. When i advised tax credit people of the change in circumstances and asked how this would affect me they told me to fone back on the date of redundancy. As I want to know how I am going to support myself! is there another government organisation that can answer my question?
Many thanks

sockmonkey Tue 12-Aug-08 12:08:20

When I got made redundant, they ran the Working Tax Credits on for an extra 4 weeks. Child tax credits weren't affected.
Hope you manage to find another job soon!

Gizmo100 Tue 12-Aug-08 14:40:48

Thanks Sockmonkey! The chap was nice but kept saying phone back and then I thought maybe he is saying that for my own good and its like like he was. Ive never been unemployed but the job market is bad just now and just looking at the worst case scenario!!

Thanks again

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