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Anyone trained to be a solicitor in their forties?

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silver73 Sun 10-Aug-08 23:53:34


I'd like to change career. I've had an offer to do the CPE but worried about prospects of getting a training contract in my forties. Anyone else done this/attempted to do this?



RockinSockBunnies Wed 13-Aug-08 17:01:00

Hi. I'm currently embarking on the CPE in September, full-time. Although I'm in my late twenties, I've come to law as a bit of a career change. I already have a training contract (couldn't risk getting into more debt with fees etc - my courses are being paid for by firm), but I've met lots of people in the course of embarking on this career who are starting law in their forties. I wouldn't worry about your age - often prospective employers like the fact that you have business experience and general life skills! A good place to look would be - some of the threads are mundane, but lots discuss this subject and there are people training in their fifties! Best of luck!

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