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Been thinking, but where do i start?

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deanychip Sat 09-Aug-08 13:57:36

Been thinking about my job allot lately since my job share buddy left and i have been told that they are not replacing her.
I am left cramming 2 peoples work into 3 days. (she had her projects, i have mine and i have had to take over hers)
I need advice about:
1) making future plans, at the mo i am just tackling each day as it comes.
2)How to organise myself, prioritise as everything is urgent and priority as i see it!
3) where to begin to make my working life better.

I absolutely love my job but cant increase my hours because of childcare issues.

flowerybeanbag Sat 09-Aug-08 19:28:10

My immediate thought would be what's going on with not replacing your job share? At what point did it become acceptable to double someone's workload (presumably) without any consultation?

Or is it not as simple as that, workload was declining anyway, some bits have been taken away, etc?

When you were told they were not replacing your job share partner, was the impact on your and the feasibility of this decision discussed at all?

Tbh I think my first port of call in your situation would be to address that. If your workload is not manageable in the time you have, I think you should address that as a matter of urgency with your manager and discuss what help you can have, or what adjustments to your tasks and responsibilities to make it feasible to manage without a whole member of staff.

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