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grievance procedure - support please

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becka1 Wed 06-Aug-08 19:38:16

I am currently going through a grievance procedure at work because my contract isnt being renewed and all for very invalid reasons - I whistleblew basically and have got stung. I have a very very strong case it seems. Anyone have any advice/tips/comments of support?

flowerybeanbag Wed 06-Aug-08 19:45:48

Case for what becka? What are you claiming?

General tip for grievances, stick to the procedure to the letter and make sure your employer does as well - if they don't that's really important if you need to appeal the outcome or take it further.

Easier to appeal a grievance or bring a tribunal case based on objective evidence that the employer didn't deal with the situation properly than claiming a decision they made or action they took was unreasonable.

If you're going through the procedure that presumably means you've already put in your grievance? Just trying to ascertain whether tips on how to frame your grievance are worth bothering with.

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