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Zebraa Wed 06-Aug-08 13:18:01

OK, my sister is job hunting, she currently dispises her place of work and is planning of resigning this week.

Few of questions:-

1. Will it look bad on her leaving before she has found a new job?

2. What does she need to say in her letter of resignation?

3. What should her personal statement on her CV include?

Any advice will be helpful.

1. sort of, depends what she dresses it up with and how quick she gets another job, as unemployemnt looks bad

2. why she is resigning and her last day or work
3. what type of skills she has, wehat she wants to do

juneybean Wed 06-Aug-08 22:04:01

2. None of their business on why she is leaving, just has to say how many weeks notice she is giving (check her contract) and when her last day will be.

Personal Statement should be dressed towards the job she is applying for (use their person spec to answer what they expect)

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