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Self-employed: Maternity leave and clients issues

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morningpaper Fri 11-Feb-05 13:27:31

I am expecting no. 2 in October.

I currently work from home on a self-employed basis. I am planning to claim maternity pay as a self-employed person for the six months that I am entitled to it.

However, some of my clients pay me a retainer of £25 quid a month to do maintenance for them. Sometimes they call on me to do it (1 hours work or so) and sometimes not.

I assume that while I am being paid maternity pay that I will have to stop these maintenance agreements and not do any work at all? Is there any way around it? Has anyone else been in this position?

mishmash Sat 12-Feb-05 09:11:05

Morning - not sure how things go over there - I know when I took maternity benefit here (Ireland) I was still getting paid by my employers and was still doing an hour here there at the same time and as far as I am aware it didn't make any difference. Not much help but thats how I did it.

morningpaper Sat 12-Feb-05 09:57:55

Thanks Mishmash - perhaps there is a small limit that you can still earn. I will have to find out more!

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