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Query about ethics of sick leave

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Waswondering Thu 31-Jul-08 09:26:00

I've been off work sick this week having quite spectacularly done my back in. Hoping to be back on Tuesday next week.

But . . .

I have 1 month to finish an assignment for a PG qualification I'm doing through work. Is it reasonable for dh to pop in to collect my module stuff and bring it home so that I can do some work on it today or given that it's a work thing, should I leave it till I get back in next week? (I have protected work time to do it in.)

What are the ethics of this? Dh asked if my HoD would approve and I'm not sure (he's v nice and reasonable).

What would you do?

Or do I sit in the garden reading another novel???

cmotdibbler Thu 31-Jul-08 09:28:37

If its something that you are capable of, why not ? I presume that you are signed off because you need to lie down regularly etc, so couldn't be in work, but can read lying down etc.

Certainly at my work, people regularly are off sick, but doing some work from bed

EffiePerine Thu 31-Jul-08 09:29:34

I'd check with work: I think there are legal issues with you working while signed off sick.

Waswondering Thu 31-Jul-08 09:36:15

I'm not actually signed off though as I've not reached 7 days . . . self certified till today.

flowerybeanbag Thu 31-Jul-08 09:52:52

Just typed a long post and lost it!

Basically, study isn't work, I don't think it's their business whether you do it, the only reason they will know is because you happen to need something from the office.

Be careful they couldn't argue that if you are fit enough to do this you shoudn't be off sick.

It's not clear from what point of view you are asking. Is it reasonable of you to do it, is it reasonable of your employer to allow you, or is it reasonable of your employer/tutor to expect you to?

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