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Is the fact that is has started raining REALLY hard, I can't find my brolly, its a 5 min walk to bus stop and a 5 min walk to work from bus stop...

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PavlovtheCat Thu 31-Jul-08 09:13:52

A good reason to be sitting here on MN, and not going to work just yet? hmm

I will get soaked!

I did start it, and was wetter than my washing before I took 10 steps...came back and reheated my half drunk coffee...

Am I naughty then?

PavlovtheCat Thu 31-Jul-08 09:18:48

O.M.G - the heavens have opened.
It is getting WORSE.

The only two options I have

1. wake DH from his much moaned about lie-in even though he has not had much sleep due to absess in tooth. I complain about never getting a lie-in, even when I ask for one and he has promised me one on Saturday, if I wake him up now, I will have nothing to fall back on (ie you had one on thursday)

2. take the car and pay stupid sums of money to the council to park it.

AAAAARH. And I have been up since 6am!

Shitehawk Thu 31-Jul-08 09:19:03


Yes, you're naughty, not yes it's a good reason to be MNing.

You won't dissolve if water gets on you ... that's what I tell my daughter anyway wink

Shitehawk Thu 31-Jul-08 09:21:00

Use the car ...

Or wake him up. 9.20 is a bloody good lie-in in my book!

PavlovtheCat Thu 31-Jul-08 09:21:14

I did not hear the last two lines of your post Shitehawk. Just the first one. That opening line is always the most important one. Sets the tone.

So thank you grin!

PavlovtheCat Thu 31-Jul-08 09:22:31

To use the car will cost me £7.50. That is more than two costa coffee's that I am due to be buying at lunch time, I might have to forfeit them hmm sad

kid Thu 31-Jul-08 09:22:50

Its not raining here yet.
I am assuming it will though, so my intention of taking DC to the park is out of the question. Glad I didn't tell them we were going.

PavlovtheCat Thu 31-Jul-08 09:24:15

Kid - where are you?

PavlovtheCat Thu 31-Jul-08 09:26:09

To be fair on DH - although he is still in bed...he did get up at 8am to help me find my glasses before I took DD to nursery - in the car - and then had to spend some time with DD as she realised he was in the bedroom not at work! And he was up half the night, so I will let him off for his laziness this morning...I will make him a coffee, give him a nice cuddle and pass him his clothes and the car keys!

Shitehawk Thu 31-Jul-08 09:27:19

So is the value of not getting wet higher than the value of (a) paying for the car-park or (b) getting dh out of bed?

These things are all relative, you know!

kid Thu 31-Jul-08 09:30:33

PavlovtheCat I'm in East London.
I don't pay any attention to the weather but I do know we are forecast rain today as DH asked where the umbrella was last night.

PavlovtheCat Thu 31-Jul-08 09:32:08

I would say....yes. It took me 10 minutes to dry my hair. and it is already frizzy.

In my defence, I am trying to find the brolly. But this is PLymouth...last time i used it, I got more wet than if i did not use it, it is usually windy, or at least it is once the brolly is up, which means you get drenched with a few big gloops of rain from the brolly splashing back as well as the rain itself.

Now, its not that I am making excuses for being late now, you understand...?

kid Thu 31-Jul-08 09:33:44

Of course we understand, I mean sitting here on MN is a very important way of finding out what's going on in the world.

PavlovtheCat Thu 31-Jul-08 09:36:12

Kid - I think that too. Especially in my line of work, its very important to do day to day research. So, on that basis, I could say that I am working from home right now.


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