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feeling stressed!

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juneybean Wed 30-Jul-08 21:36:37

I know I posted about this a month ago and I want to thank everyone who replied.

However, I work for a company and have been there 7 years. two years i decided to "leave" to do a career change, but as I was going to college, my boss allowed me to go part time.

earlier this year i was offered an ad hoc job and offered a pay rise.

however recently someone else has been doing most of the tasks that should come under my umberella.

Also whilst i was searching for an email on my bosses computer i came across another one (that yes i should not have read!) talking about a new person who may come and work for us and would basically do the job im doing...

should i not overreact until it comes to fruition?

im angry because they offered me a full time job but only for £15,000 and I wanted at least £17,000 but this person will apparently come for "under 20k".

I've ranted on too much now but i just feel so angry and abused by this company but because ive been there so long i find it hard to actually leave completely

reallyfatcow Thu 31-Jul-08 01:22:40

of course you should feel outraged!!!!
pregnant mother or just a single young should feel the same regardless. if you are capable of doing that job then you should be entitled to that money!!!!
i had same many years ago as manager of store , had to move around sorting out "messes" only to find managers were on a higher salary in stores that were suffering, i left company as i felt ethics were wrong although i now know i should have fought to improve my payscale and and the scale of those others that were doing their job more than adequately rather than letting unqualified or new blood take what was earned by myself or many others their right.

flowerybeanbag Thu 31-Jul-08 09:41:05

juneybean you shouldn't be reading your bosses emails, obviously.

You need to deal with the problems you've actually got. Just because someone would come and do your job for what could be a bit more money than you doesn't mean they are going to. Perhaps they are getting the feeling you might leave, for example? I don't know. But at the moment this person isn't coming, and can't while you are there, so put that to one side for a moment.

Why is someone else doing your tasks? Have you addressed this with your boss and asked for clarification about who is responsible for what?

With regard to your salary, do you feel you are underpaid? Are other people doing similar jobs on more than you? Ignore the person who doesn't work there, think about people who are actually there. Are you being paid fairly or not?

If you don't think you are being paid fairly, get together some evidence of market rates for what you do, evidence of how well you are performing and what you are contributing, and details of rates paid internally if that information is freely available to you, and present it to your boss and make your argument.

Don't overreact about problems that aren't actually problems at the moment. Address the problems you have and take it from there.

juneybean Thu 31-Jul-08 16:38:34

Thanks RFC and Flowery.

The person doing my tasks is the person above me, at present I only work 2 days but have always said they can ring me any time there is work to be done (like I say it's ad hoc).

However I get the feeling they just get the other person to do it to save having to pay me.

I have not clarified anything yet, I have asked for moments of my boss's time but it's always forgotten about.

There's a bit more but worried it will be obvious since this is a public forum, so it's hard to explain my job properly :/

Thanks again though Flowery, I definately need to sit down with someone and find out what the feck I'm supposed to be.

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