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Turning in Resignation letter

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reremotherof2 Tue 29-Jul-08 02:01:00

I am turning in my letter of resignation tomorrow the 29th. Giving them two weeks. I have a couple of questions. 1) the terms 2 weeks, is that 2 5 business days or is it 7 days that include the weekend. 2) what time of day to hand in notice, morning or before leaving at the end of the day. 3) Do I stand there while he is reading it. I'd apprecaite any help I could get FAST

BrownSuga Tue 29-Jul-08 02:14:11

You don't have to be there when they read it. I would generally go in and say I'm sorry, I'm resigning, here is my official letter. I've done it in the morning, so I don't have to get antsy all day thinking about it.

2 weeks, is 2 weeks, in your life, it's 14 days, in business it's 10 working days. In the letter you'd normally say, please accept this letter of my notice of resignation, with 2 weeks notice, my last working day will be ........ (enter whatever day it is)

That way there is no confusion of when you are actually leaving.

BrownSuga Tue 29-Jul-08 02:15:48

They may want to talk about the whys etc... (unless it's patently obvious), in that case you'd stay there a bit and discuss, if not, then go back to desk and carry on per normal.

reremotherof2 Tue 29-Jul-08 02:22:56

thank you so much. i have been stressing out over what to do & how to handle it. not good with confrontation & want to leave on good terms. thanks again brownsuga. have a great evening

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