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Help with redundancy (as employer)

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snapD Mon 28-Jul-08 18:52:36

OK - so I'm getting a handle on this despite hating it.

1wk redundancy for every year for someone between 22 & 41
1.5wks redundancy for every year for someone over 41

Not sure yet about notice - but I don't need to give 90 days as I'm only making 1 person redundant (I hope)

So if we are all working reduced hours, is the redundancy pay at the full rate or at the reduced rate, I am guessing the full rate.

& if business picks up and I need the person again, can I just employ them again (assuming they haven't found another job)?

<<& yes I will ring acas tomorrow to make sure, I'm just trying to assess my situation this evening>>

snapD Mon 28-Jul-08 20:42:06

Silly thing is; that I could employ them for another month if I didn't have to pay redundancy & there might be more work by then sad

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