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Please help me to not feel guilty about being signed off from work during pregnancy...

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bojangles Mon 28-Jul-08 13:36:05


I ahve posted a few tiems over the last few weeks about the problems I have been having with my pregnancy (no 3) and being inlsuin dependant diabetic. I had try to negotiate a reduction in hours at work to help me cope as I am currently full time. I was signed off for 2 weeks and went back to the Dr today who has signed me off for another 4 weeks. I feel bad as work are expecting me back and I almost feel like I am skiving! I know I am having problems with blood sugars and this could have serious consequences for me and the baby and I am currently waiting to be fitted with an insulin pump which will hopefully imp[rove my control. The Dr wants me to stay off until I have my insulin pump fitted. I know I get the summer with my other two now - age 2 and 4 and there are definately benefits on the pay front. I am 17 wks now so I guess if I get my daibetes sorted there is the prospect of returning before starting my maternity leave.

I know I am waffling I just want to hear that I am being silly....

Starshinetiger Mon 28-Jul-08 13:45:38

Bo - sorry to hear the trouble you're having. I could say don't feel bad - but will it make a difference?! I'm the same as you in terms of guilt. I'm struggling bit time with Morning Sickness at the mo and feel I'm going ot have to tell work this week (although I'm only 6 weeks today) as I dont' want them to feel I'm not up to the job. You should do what your GP says as it's all about you and the baby - that's the most important thing for you to worry aobut. It's up to your manager/HR to worry about how they cover your sickness. You will absolutely be able to return if you get your diabetes under control and feel well enough. Just be aware that if you are signed off sick at any time after 11 weeks before EWC (i.e. once you're 29 weeks or more) they can commence your maternity leave instead of keeping you on sick leave, but your way ahead of that now. Go out and enjoy the sun!

flowerybeanbag Mon 28-Jul-08 14:31:56

Must correct you there starshine. Employers can't start maternity leave because of sickness absence until 36 weeks.

Bojangles please don't feel as though you are skiving. If your doctor has signed you off it's because you shouldn't be there, and it sounds as though he/she is absolutely right to do so.

I don't know what your sick pay is, but just to make sure you are aware, when working out how much (if any) SMP you get, your employer will look at your average earnings over the 8 week period leading up to your 15th week before EWC. In other words, your average earnings from 17-25 weeks pregnant.

I am not at all suggesting you should go back to work, but just so you don't get a shock when you do start maternity leave you need to be aware that if you are not on full pay during that time, it will affect your SMP.

bojangles Mon 28-Jul-08 14:54:35

Thanks starshine and flowery. I am lucky in that I get 6 months full sick pay - I was trying to reduce my hours to help me manage my diabetes and this would have meant they would have reduced my salary and would hten have had a knock on effect on SMP etc. So this is a preferable financial situation and I can hopefully use leave to work a reduced week during september so I can maintain my full pay before I go on mat leave - I think I can start from mid Oct.

feeling a little less guilty as the day goes on and looking forward to the summer.

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