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maternity allowances

(6 Posts)
ellac Sun 27-Jul-08 13:04:25

hi.i'm 21 weeks pregnant next week. i'm living in germany with my husband who is in the raf.
i have been working full time since the 1st dec 07, and am going to be giving up work on friday 29th august 08.
i have been paying national insurance but no tax.
could anyone advise me as to what i am entitled to - if anything?
very confused!!!

ellac Sun 27-Jul-08 13:10:23

sorry, forgot to say that my twins are due on dec 7th 08

flowerybeanbag Sun 27-Jul-08 14:36:44

Are you working for an employer in Germany then ellac? Do they have a maternity policy or anything? I'm not sure I'm following, are you paying British national insurance? Are you not earning enough to pay tax, and would it be German tax or British tax?

I think we need a bit more information!

ellac Sun 27-Jul-08 20:04:32

no, i am working in a cafe which is ran by the royal air force. i am tax free out here (a perk of the job), and i am paying british national far as i am concerned they do not have a maternity policy in place!

BetsyBoop Sun 27-Jul-08 21:18:09

this might help?

flowerybeanbag Sun 27-Jul-08 21:31:58

Betsy's link looks just the ticket.

I'm a bit clueless here tbh. I'm not sure why you wouldn't get proper maternity pay (unless you are not earning enough) but I have no knowledge or experience of this type of employment at all.

Is there not an HR or Personnel person or anything like that at all you could speak to about what you are entitled to? Presumably your employer is the RAF, in which case there ought to be something for you.

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