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Temporary contract and possibly pregnant with baby 2

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NK54977cb4X117f7fa7c85 Fri 25-Jul-08 21:26:39

If anybody has any advice it's much appreciated...... I work for local gov and im currently on maternity leave, due back at the end of the year. Thing is i think i may be pregnant again which is great news for me and hubby but my contract ends in June 09. would i still be entitled to maternity pay from work even though my contract could end at the time the baby is due?

I have no idea where i stand.......

flowerybeanbag Fri 25-Jul-08 21:30:18

NK5 congratulations if you are pregnant

As long as you are still employed 15 weeks before your due date you will be entitled to SMP. You can leave employment after then and as long as you have met the qualifying requirements in terms of length of service and earning enough, you will still receive SMP from your ex employer.

Obviously that doesn't apply to anything over and above statutory which your employer may offer - they are unlikely to offer that to someone no longer employed.

Here basics about maternity pay

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