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what can i do?quite long

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noddyholder Mon 07-Feb-05 12:39:33

Hello as some of you know from my posts I have had 2 kidney transplants and have a heart condition but feel generally ok day to day.before all this I worked in interior design but have now accepted that I won't be able to work full time at that again as my health and hospital appts just won't allow it.The thing is I am bored senseless at home and ds is now 10.I still love property etc and there are 7 estate agents within 2 mins of my house and I was thinking of approaching them to offer my services (oo er)answering the phone admin etc as i know lots about this and tbh i just want to get out of the house and be with adults even once a week.I am not looking to earn money as I am on benefits due to my heart but am allowed to earn about 20 pounds a week as therapeutic earnings Do you think anyone would have me?I have a degree and always worked before i got ill but am in a predicament.Dp tells me to chill out and please myself as i have had a rough time but I really need to do something in the real world I feel I am being left behind What do you wise people think?

slug Mon 07-Feb-05 12:48:47

You have my sympathy. I went back to work when dd was 3 months old, not because I needed to, but because being home drove me cross eyed with boredom. Have you thought of offering your time to the local school to help with reading or art? My mother did that for a while. She wasn't paid but it was an opportunity to get out of the house and if she couldn't come in to work (because of hospital appointments) it wasn't such a huge issue.

SenoraPostrophe Mon 07-Feb-05 12:55:26

well you don't know until you ask.

But how about voluntary work? The local volunteer's bureau may have some officy type voluntary jobs. Might be more rewarding than answering the phones for an estate agent.

noddyholder Mon 07-Feb-05 12:56:37

My local school is inundated with help and I am looking for something where I can sit quite a bit not lazy just health related!Although I may approach them if all else fails thanksx

noddyholder Mon 07-Feb-05 13:48:40


Earlybird Mon 07-Feb-05 14:15:30

Could you work part time for an interior design firm in a secretarial/administrative capacity? My friend is an interior designer (in the States), and she is desperate for someone reliable, sensible and clever to handle some of the paperwork (ordering, invoicing, billing, etc) and phone work. She also needs someone in the office to deal with deliveries, messengers, etc. You clearly would understand that end of it in a way most office staff wouldn't. Is that a possibility?

nasa Mon 07-Feb-05 14:39:09

try here for volunteering ideas
I'm sure loads of charities would be pleased to have someone help out with admin/answering phones etc

noddyholder Mon 07-Feb-05 15:58:35

earlybird that would be a dream for me as i really miss just talking about something I know a bit about will look at all suggestions thanks so much

Earlybird Mon 07-Feb-05 19:57:59

noddyholder - I think you should go for it! Again, just referencing my decorator/designer friend, she'd love to find someone who could work in her office and simply get on with things without being a novice. She says that people have an unrealistic/glamorous idea of what it takes to do well in the field, and that her potential assistant pool consists mainly of bored housewives looking to earn a bit of pin money who imagine they have a flair for the work (without knowing anything at all about it), or rich girl college students who like to shop.

I bet there are places out there that would love to have someone of your background/experience/knowledge who was willing to come on board in an admin/assistant capacity. You could be a huge asset for someone. Let us know how you get on, and best of luck.

MABS Mon 07-Feb-05 20:08:49

go for it hun, they'll snap you up I am sure x

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